Zubair Lawrence

Cell: 518-265-8565

Email: [email protected]



I am a software engineer that has been responsible for frontend and backend development, mobile app development, and API development. Developed for web, mobile, and desktop. Extensive experience with Javascript/TypeScript, NodeJS, Angular, React, and Python.

I am a creative problem, solver! I code, and I have an artistic background. I am great at finding innovative solutions to complex problems.


Dropbox Staff Engineer - Sept 2020 - Current

Chorus.ai Director Of Engineering - Mar 2016 - Sept 2020

Chorus is the leading Conversation Intelligence platform for sales and customer success teams.

Textur Lead Frontend Engineer - Mar 2015 - Feb 2016

Textur collects and unifies all your data silos into a data warehouse. I designed and built the Textur web app with a real-time SQL editor

LiveLoop(acquired by Microsoft) Senior Software Engineer - Oct 2014 - Mar 2015

Build a web app that allows Effortless real-time collaborative presentations for all of your colleagues across all devices. LiveLoop is a single tool for both asynchronous collaboration (currently done with email) and synchronous meeting (presently done with screen sharing)

Dispatchr Lead Software Engineer - Oct 2013 - Jan 2015

Lead the team and build a multi-tenant, real-time, enterprise web, and mobile app. Dispatchr provides the most powerful and sophisticated mobile workforce management system for utilities that predicts the impact of severe weather events on grid assets and optimizes work crew response.

Sony Pictures Imageworks Senior Production Service Technician - Jan 2012 - Oct 2013

Full Stack Web developer, and Python, that supports the front line team members for a specific production. The PST team secures, manipulates and manages each show's digital assets throughout all stages of the production life cycle. The PST teams interact with many members of the facility to conceptualize and establish procedure guidelines to promote operational efficiency. Create pipelines to ingest media from vendors and clients to conform to facility standards for internal use. Build web and Python-based tools to ensure consistent data transfer between company base and sister facilities.

Loclville Lead Front Developer/Project Lead: Mar 08 - Jan 12

Loclville is a location-aware, ajax, object-oriented, single-page web application. I was reasonable for the front and backend development, mobile app development, and API development. Lead the team the created Loclville's web and mobile apps. Developed mobile and desktop web experiences in javascript. Extensive experience with UX/UI Design, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. Developed the apps with a strong focus on user experience, performance, low latency, and high availability.


Project Lead: Overseen the graphic designer and backend engineer. Set the direction for the Loclville web site, mobile apps, and API.

Lead Front Developer: Create the html5 front end of loclville.com with graceful fallbacks. Port the html5 frontend and to run as a stand-alone app for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.

Savannah College of Art and Design Photography Chemist Sept 06 - Mar 08

Lizard Pro Web Programmer 2001-2006

Awards and Recognition

  • Jan 2013: Sony Applause Award
  • 2012-2013: 17 Sony Pictures Success Statements
  • Oct 2012: Intel App Innovation Contest Winner
  • Sept 2012: Microsoft Featured App: Socal
  • Mar 2012: Blackberry Featured App.


  • Smurfs 2 – 2013
  • The Great and Powerful Oz – 2013
  • The Amazing Spider-Man – 2012
  • A Mirror Dimly: Avatar - 2009
  • A Mirror Dimly: Vitruvian – 2009


Savannah College of Art and Design

Digital Photography
Visual Effects

New York Institute of Technology Bachelor of Fine Arts

Computer Graphics